EasyTime is a Windows based attendance recording system from Clear Systems Ltd – who ceased trading 31st October 2019.

EasyTime™ is a low cost yet capable solution for the automation of employee attendance recording in offices, workshops and factories. It includes a swipe reader for recording arrivals and departures, a set of durable, plastic, credit-card sized employee ID badges and a simple yet effective Windows-based software package for recording and managing the attendance data.

To help existing users continue using EasyTime there is a repository of Installation files and documents on-line.

To contact the ex-proprietor of Clear Systems Ltd please use the EasyTime.info contact form.

There is a limited supply of EasyTime cards, vertical card racks, cards holders, lanyards, reels and cleaning kits – ask via the EasyTime.info contact form or choose below – N.B. there are no card readers available:

EasyTime cards:

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EasyTime vertical cards racks

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