Thoughts, Help and Advice

I’ll post my random computer related thoughts, snippets and, hopefully, helpful advice on these “blog” pages.

Nick Rogers.

  • Password Recovery of Microsoft HotMail, Outlook or Live Account
    If you’ve been locked out of your Microsoft HotMail, Outlook or Live account and can’t remember or recover you login credentials then go to Microsoft’s own Reset Password web page: – if noting...
  • USB Memory Stick Recovery
    Advice on how to recovery data from a broken or corrupted USB memory stick
  • Video conferencing and webcams
    If you have problems getting going with Zoom or are concerned about its security then an easy, free and secure alternative is the open-source Jitsi Meet which has apps for smartphones and works...
  • Comprehensive Internet security device
    I’ve been on the lookout for a device to combine Internet security with local network and WiFi routing – looks like I’ve found it in the Gryphon AC3000. The Gryphon combines a configurable, comprehensive...
  • Email Migration
    After extensive research, I’ve settled on the excellent Aid4Mail product to solve those tricky situations where default export/imports just don’t work. Don’t be put off by the cost this product really is worth it...